It Starts Here


Revolutionary.  Transparent.  Security.

SGNT is a new global paradigm; a revolutionary, RFID based device used to wirelessly ensure that the seal on any physical item has not been compromised.

The SGNT business model consists of Patent-Pending Physical Devices, a Software Platform, and Consulting.

SGNT gives total real-time security and visibility at any point in the supply chain, rendering the tampering and counterfeiting of goods obsolete.


Our Mission Statement:

Develop revolutionary technologies that ensure product authenticity and integrity; to implement these globally in order to improve quality of life, to save lives, and to minimize loss.

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Case Studies

While the uses for our platform are nearly endless, here are a few select examples to get you thinking.


Container Shipping

With an annual direct GDP contribution of over US$183 Billion, international shipping continues to grow in importance and value.  Imagine instant verification, anywhere in the world, of the integrity and status of your container-shipped goods.


Document Security

While electronic document transmission continues to increase in prevelance, contracts, checks, and other documents often require physical transmission.  The SGNT platform enables senders, receivers, and shippers to know, with cryptographic certainty, the integrity of mailed and couriered documents.


Barrier Verification

Whether securing a crime scene, an evidence room, or any other physical site requiring chain-of-evidence or integrity verification, the SGNT platform is up for the task.


Truly Revolutionary

Combining ancient notions of package security with state-of-the-art RFID technology, our holistic approach to physical security means you know your package is secure, no matter where you are.