SGNT Co-Founders


Emil Tremblay

  • Entrepreneur
  • Software Engineer
  • RFID Veteran

SGNT is Emil's second technology startup, the first being a Canadian firm specializing in the application of RFID to industrial inventory management.  With more than 15 years of experience in the technology space and a lifelong track-record in sales and leadership, he brings his software engineering background and entrepreneurial spirit to his roles as Co-Founder, CEO, and CTO.

"Technology is an enabler.  It is a tool.  It is not itself the goal, but the thing we use to bring about the future we desire."

Tommy Rompel

  • Sales & Marketing Expert
  • Operations Manager
  • Entrepreneur

A graduate of the University of Arizona Eller School of Business, Tommy founded, built, and ran a highly successful Tucson retail business.  With more than 15 years of B2B and B2C sales, government procurement, extensive organizational, and logistics experience, SGNT's sales, marketing, and logistics roles have a leader with rare skill for a technology startup.

"There is no normal, only common."