Our Tech

Our world is becoming increasingly digital.  Technologies like bar-codes, RFID, computer-vision, and others offer an opportunity to translate and transform physical, real-world objects into the digital space.

At SGNT, we are pleased to announce the launch of the world's first global, RFID-enabled, enterprise-ready solution for cryptographically-secured and cloud-based physical object security.

Our patents are filed, our software platform is undergoing active development, and we are seeking customers for a product launch in Q2, 2018.


Absolute Global Visibility

The SGNT-Ring platform enables our clients, customers, and users to establish and track the integrity of physical objects on a global scale.  Whether you're doing business on a city-scale or global-scale, knowing the status of your goods, information, and products is key to increasing customer value and managing risk & loss.


Large or Small

SGNT can secure objects as small as an envelope or jewelry box or as large as a shipping container or room.  We are constantly developing new form-factors for the SGNT-Ring platform that will be sure to apply to your particular needs.


Luxury & Non-Fungible Goods

Whether you need to prevent counterfeiting or add value to the customer-experience by demonstrating to your customers the authenticity and provenance of your goods, the SGNT-ring platform is the solution you're looking for.  From the factory to the end-user and every step in between, SGNT is guaranteed to prevent counterfeiting and impersonation.